First impressions of ウィッチズガーデン


Hey ho~. I know I seldom post anything now, but I just wanted to give a heads up on my impression of the witch’s garden eroge.

You see, ウィッチズガーデン has an excellent system. This new emote system that captures the hearts of every erogamer, turning faces and bouncy stuff (boobs and hair).

However much I like the system, the story of this eroge is so subpar I had to stop killing myself.

I’m not saying it’s a bad story. It’s so stereotypical that ANYONE who has played eroges before can see the ending miles away.

I mean come on, if you’re gonna make an eroge with a breakthrough system, at the very least make it have a good story. What’s more it’s not exactly a nukige so I can’t just blame it on that.

I know a lot of people were hyped up for this eroge but for me, however amazing this system may be, the story just makes me say this is at most an average eroge.

However, I have only gone through two routes and I’m still hoping the eroge will prove me wrong.

9 thoughts on “First impressions of ウィッチズガーデン

  1. actually compared to reading kuranofuta, Witch’s Garden is actually more fun to read this is in my honest opinion… unless if you didnt read that… story is so so yes actually pretty much november and december games were a slump almost all were nukiges… I think because Japan also believed that died fapping is the best death look much of the final releases were on 12/21/12 DEATH

    • well to be honest its not that great great in terms of story telling, but certainly its quite innovative especially if you looked at the past games from windmill I think this is the right way for them to step up considering the engine they use which is cat system 2 has seen quite the innovation since I last read uhhh… that first EX-ONE game

      • Are the characters decently moe at least?

        Also that E-mote sprite animation system seems like just an excuse to show lots of bouncing boobs…not that I’m complaining =3

        • Characters are decent because thats what they are good at well you can decrease the oppai physics in the game with the oppai slider but thats clearly your choice

  2. Almost 10 year…. I remember find this WordPress around 2017…. But sadly most of them doesn’t have english localization….. (And i ended with hook code / mtl) but its ok 👌

    • I thought u are dead lol
      But when i check ur twitter acc… Maybe not
      Last online = 28 oct 2020
      And i dunno that u played gbt lol….
      Almost 2 year… Since u last tweet…. I hope u still alive….

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