From the land of the rising sun. Or so they say, though I didn’t really bother looking at the sun at all.


So here’s a short summary of my trip:

Total Time: Around 7 days

Total cost: Around 450k yen

Number of people: 3

Places went: Nagoya, Takayama, Hirayu Onsen, Shirakawa-go, Kyoto

People met: Blitzwing01

Things bought: At the bottom of this post.

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Off to Japan!

As some of you may know, I’m leaving for a trip to Japan which would be…………….. TODAY.

Therefore, I won’t be online for around a week.

In case you’re wondering where the heck I’m going, it’s going to be something like Nagoya->Takayama->Shirakawa-go->Kyoto->back to Nagoya.

Yes I’ll take lotsa pictures and no I won’t reveal my face. Lawl.

I’m back