Translating G線上の魔王 ? – SCRAPPED

So I talked to Asceai who’s currently doing the translation for G Senjou no Maoh.

The translation is currently somewhat on a hold because translating is a pain in the a** and Asceai personally prefers hacking.

So I offered to help him with the translation. Since it is my FAVOURITE eroge after all.

No promises yet though, I haven’t got the scripts yet and Im not sure whether or not Asceai actually needs help. Both of us have been kinda busy (him with uni and me with….. well いろいろ)

So just a heads up on what im doing if you’re wondering why there aren’t any new reviews up yet (Since im busy planning a 3D shot of an Aneimo 2 snow background and Tsun Kano is somewhat draggy)

UPDATE: Got the Script files from Asceai… So… I think im gonna start translating tomorrow XD

2nd Update: So apparently someone else is doing a translation and therefore Asceai and I decided to close down the project and go on with our daily eroge lives… Yes. Now for more reviews =D

3rd Update: So now im the TL checker for the G senjou project.