100 Best Eroges


Asceai様 has graced us with his list of top 100 eroges.

If you don’t know who he is…. well you don’t need to know actually. He’s just another ero jiji hacker you find everywhere. Just that I argue with him (obviously friendly arguements) about eroges a lot and he’s also doing somthing for the AsuKimi project.

I have a few minor issues about his list as we do have pretty different tastes, a fact we both agree about. Though there is no doubt everything from his top 25 are all very epic eroges.

The videos are in ascending order so start with part 1 first. And yes he agreed to let me post about it =D.

Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

水平線まで何マイル? + すまいるCubic!-水平線まで何マイル? アフター&アナザーストーリーズ- Review

So you ask why the effing long title that you’ll probably die from reading?

Because personally I feel that you totally need to play  suiheisen + smile cubic together to get the entire feel of the eroge.

Oh did I mention this is one of my favourites… Actually I think it’s right next to G senjou. Epic shitz.

This is IMO one of the best eroges ever made. But that’s just me. No one likes slice of life as much as me =/

Suiheisen Made Nan Mile?



Walk through


Smile Cubic!



Walk through

Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = ABHAR

Scenario = 南総鐵道 for Suiheisen and 神楽坂あお、奈落ハジメ、おざきれい、中村劉河、伊吹秀明 for Smile Cubic

Artist = 深崎暮人、黒谷忍(SD原画/衣装デザイン)

Genre = Slice of life school life romance

What’s so special = Extremely slice of life, very very very very nice art, incredibly cute girls, 16:9

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