Time Issues

As all of you are probably very well aware, I now have absolutely no time for playing visual novels. Much less write about them.

And here I thought I would get an easier job over time. >_>;

Anyway, here’s to saying that I’m super busy and that I actually didn’t check out the blog at all until someone mentioned on twitter I should clean some stuff up from my blog.

You could just add me on twitter so I will reply you if you have any questions. As for the time being for the next 8 months, I’ll be improving my relationships with trees and mudpools.

3 thoughts on “Time Issues

  1. im just wondering from what VN or anime is the image in your banner you using >_<… i already posted on twitter as well xD i mean that school girl with green eyes kissing the blue haired guy xP

  2. The banner up there is from The visual Novel : タペストリー -you will meet yourself-. It shows the main character and one of the main heroine.

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