Eroge List

Without further ado let me list down my list of eroge and galge that i have played (A LOT is missing since i forgot what i played much >.>)

Oh and only those with links are reviewed. Those without are unfortunately just what I have played before and I didn’t write a review =_=;

Currently Playing

Quite an extensive list if i do say so myself…

10 thoughts on “Eroge List

  1. Hey Accany. Am I correct to assume that “Ashita no Kimi to Autame Ni” is not here? I’ve tried with all it’s aliases but without success.
    I’m just curious about your impressions/review about it, as you are the one TL-ing it, but I can’t seem to find anything about it here, nor on your whole blog.

    And thanks for TLing it!

    • To be honest I never did finish it. I did start, but I started during a bad period and I kinda forgot all about it after. Lol. I will try to complete it. I hope.

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  3. Rare to find a local who appreciates Sugar Coat Freak’s BGM. Wondering if you have tried ピリオド, アリスソフト and ソフトハウスキャラ games.

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