About me =D

What this bloggy is about


This blog focuses mainly on Eroge reviews. I review new releases that interest me and if I get extra time (usually don’t though) I’ll go to my miniscule backlog and pick something out.

Of course there will be other rubbish stuffs that I will blog about and interesting things that go about the eroge industry.



*Cough* No that’s not me XD

Just another one of the mad people out there playing just a bit too much galge and eroge. A very bored person i am >.>

Also plays jap and korean mmos. Well used to anyway

Likes… uhhhhh VNs + Rubbish talk + 3D modelling.

In case you are wondering I do 2D editing too. You can always drop me a note to ask me to edit pictures for you(which I may or may not do depending on my boredom meter).

Im also pretty interested if you wanna translate a game. Drop me a note (somewhere not my email cause i never check it) and I’ll see what I can do. Dont worry… picture editing or translation is fine. No hacking though. I suck at that. Or maybe some motion graphics with after effects is also fine. Or translation.

The translation projects im working on now is – (Secret project) . Look forward to them =D.



Reasons for setting up this bloggy

To be perfectly honest, I never expected myself to write a blog. But somehow due to I-have-no-idea-what-sparked-my-interest, I decided to make a eroge review blog.

I feel that the english community doesn’t have enough info and insights about eroges as per whole and stereotype it as just… well ero. Well I’m here to change that. RAWR. Now for my lunch…


Add me on msn if you’re bored, want to spam, rubbish talk, discuss about VNs or just want to smack me in the face.

My Wakoopa

My Last.fm

deadman121 AT hotmail.com

Do add me on MSN if you wanna chat… Im too lazy to go to chatrooms. Well I do go to one. Mostly. #denpa over at Synirc. You’ll find me there usually. Talking crap.

If you just want to look through the list of reviews (you have no interest in me T.T) you can go over to the Eroge list page and check out the links to the reviews or go take a peek at the recommendations that I have.


And here’s the banner

Feel free to use it. Seriously. =D

14 thoughts on “About me =D

  1. Nice reviews, I just stumbled on your blog looking for a Marginal Skip review and found yours, rofl.

    And kudos for living in Singapore, it’s hard to find local people who play eroges nowadays 😦

  2. Hi Accany,

    I was wondering what VN your cover image is from.

    Thanks a lot for your awesome reviews, I always give them a ready whenever deciding to play a game(assuming you’ve reviewed it, lol). I really wish more reviewers adopted your format for reviews, especially the “what makes it special” part, very helpful in deciding whether or not to play a game.

    I hope you have more time to add more reviews to your already impressive roster!

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