WLO -世界恋愛機構- Review


and yes i have done it again more than 37 hours clocked. I have finished what i can call one of the effing longest galges i have ever played.



This is gonna be a pretty long review i guess…

Soooooooo Let me say first that this game didn’t disappoint me at all. More like it made me like akabeesoft 2 more (like that’s possible srsly).

Upfront. If you don’t like funny eroges you shouldn’t even bother reading this. Cause W.L.O is practically 75% hilariousness and 25% romance.

So now let’s start with the effing funny story.


The morning starts as usual for Kuroda Yuuki. He wakes up brushes his teeth and goes to school. Nothing really special happens until he hears one of his classmates is transferring out. That particular guy was the librarian (i think kinda forgot since it’s not impt) of the class. So they had to choose a new guy to be the librarian. Guess what? He unfortunately got the position. So after school he went with the other class librarian (Hotaru) to the library.

Suddenly, the lights dimmed. Curtains fell. An entire troop of black suited men appears. The librarian turns to him and says “We are the World Love Organisation. Congratulations, you have been chosen to be have the freedom and mission to fall in love.”


What kind of shit has he got himself into this time? With the W.L.O supporting him in his quest to find love, he finds himself in deep shit like robots and the rival company of the W.L.O….. The NOA a.k.a Nothing Or All. Can he find true love in this ridiculous setting? XD

Story plays a huge part in this galge since it revolves around a lot of things and you won’t really understand everything until you finish the major routes.By major i mean the important ones. Hotaru, Arisa and Nina’s are the most important IMO.

What’s best is that you won’t find repeats in the stories much. That’s why it’s so effing long. Cause you can’t skip anything =X. Not that im complaining.

You do need to take note of what the characters say though because the text is the soul of this galge. If you don’t… well you won’t like this galge at all then.

So on with the characters.


黒田 祐樹 (Kuroda Yuuki)


The only picture (without kissing and h) of him with him facing the damned screen. Beaten up ftw.

He’s your typical (ok not so) main character. Not exactly very well in handling conversations (or actually anything related) with girls. He apparently has special genes (to that im gonna leave it to your imagination XD) that made the W.L.O want him to fall in love (and most importantly have children). All in all he’s effing normal, ridiculously kind and he does epic tsukomis. He’s in class 3-11 btw.

久坂 愛奈 (Kusaka Aina)


Your normal cute girl neighbour childhood friend. She likes Yuuki from young (like DUH _|_ I want one too) but he doesn’t know that now does he. Same class as Yuuki. You can probably guess how she is from the picture lol. Cute, kind and scary when angered (all women are like this actually so yeah). Unknown to her though is the fact that she is actually the target that W.L.O has set up for Yuuki.

五百倉 蛍 (Ioroi Hotaru)


Sooooooo she…. stop looking at the pants pervert….. *glances*….

In any case she’s in the same class as Yuuki. But she’s also the W.L.O member in charge of Yuuki. Also, she the head of the 東日本第七支部 (east japan 7th divison) at her young age. She’s strict and uhh a bit scary but has of course her cute side. When she’s angry she pushes up her glasses =D.

アリサ・クレイン・フェミルナ (Arisa Crain Femiluna)



She transferred to yuuki’s class halfway through the semester.  The tsundere character in the galge. Pretty obvious that she ain’t 100% japanese. She thinks she’s a cool character but her real personality is kinda obvious to everyone else XD. She works for the NOA. And the NOA don’t choose their methods to get to their target. She’s pretty mercilessto him but really sweet to her sister Sarasa. her route is the longest i think. 26 chapters in total. She thinks that hotaru is her rival and will do anything to stop her =D. let the wars BEGIN. *grabs arisa* she’s mine.

サラサ・クレイン・フェミルナ (Sarasa Crain Femiluna)


The sister of Arisa. JFYI she won the first round of character polls. Lolicon domo me >.>. She has some physical problems that rendered her to live in the hospital. She’s quite the opposite of her sister and even i would say that she’s probably the cutest character in the game (blood spurting yuriko for some but to me it’s her). She’s always worried about Arisa. Has some kind of inferior complex cause she thinks she won’t live long.

依那 (Ina)


W.L.O made support robot.She’s supposed to support Yuuki in uhh…. actually i have no idea. She’s whacky and forgetful (like wtf forgetful robots). But this cracks up a lot of jokes like when she forgets something she always tries to check her backlog. Or she is covered with electricity. Her setting for her infiltration is yuuki’s sister. So she calls Yuuki oniichan. Don’t worry, there are h scenes for her. Robots are not spared from akabeesoft2’s grasp.

早川 優梨子 (Hayakawa Yuriko)


Epic CG. Meet one of the most renown characters in W.L.O. Yuriko is the blood spurt machine. She nose bleeds whenever she thinks about something uhhh too exciting (e.g. ero). She’s also very shy. “Love at first sight (or knock in her case)” with Yuuki. She thinks about love and stuff all the time. And then starts thinking too much. 1 sentence can be made into an entire story if you give it to her.

Lovable characters aren’t they? Sadly there are some characters that I wished they had routes. The voice actors did a great job however with the characters voices and all. I couldn’t stop laughing at all the jokes. Hilarious.

Now for the system.


I had a very very very very very pleasant surprise with the starting screen. It was animated and you can play with some of the characters.


Click on her anddddddddd.


lawl. Epic shitz.

Also I was surprised when I played on april fool. Something funny came up.


and also this


You can always see this if you turn back your computer clock to 1/4 i think. In anycase this was very surprising considering they went as far as to changing the music.

The extra screen is also full of funny goodness


move your cursor to the middle girl’s breast anddddd


Something fun happens when you click on it.

Not showing it to you guys though =P

The whole story is seperated into chapters. One chapter length may depend. But the chapter transitions are funny since the characters come out and talk. Esp after a H scene, all the talking would be them being shy or that no characters wants to come out and talk after a H scene XD.


Amazingly they named every chapter and even bothered to design the chapter name (every one of them is different)

Also there are transition screens where the transitions take place. Like moving to another place and stuff. Here are some interesting ones.



There are generally 3 types of text throughout the game.

Normal text


Beeg text


And something i call the secretive text. They use it when they are talking in secret or through another medium (e.g phone)


The music was very very amazing. It’s probably one of the galges with the most music ever made.

I mean look at this.


YOU CAN SCROLL THROUGH THE ENTRE LIST DAMMIT. The small bar on the side is not a joke. That’s how many tracks are in this game.

Just to let you know The Cg count for this game is 149 counting the small cute cgs like this.


There is also an extra story in the extras after you completed ina’s route… don’t miss it.

There are a decent amount of H scenes for each character and I would say that the game does rely somewhat on the h scenes since this is a plan to have the Yuuki fall in love and have a baby. SO yeah obviously they had to make a reason for him to fuck the girls over and over you know XD

Last Word

All in all, this is a very long, very hilarious and very fufilling galge.

You probably won’t regret playing this. I can be sure of that.

So play this if you:

1) want something really funny.

2) Like secret agents and stuff like that.

3) Like nose bleeds

4) Like one of the characters

5) Can’t decide what to play










9 thoughts on “WLO -世界恋愛機構- Review

  1. Lawl i had a lot of fun with this…

    Damned i forgot i always have problems with circus games… the voices don’t play…….. There goes princess party out of the window…

    guess i’ll play ボクの手の中の楽園

  2. Hmm…… the first transition screen reminds me of Fair child. Anyway love the CG of Yuriko, if I end up playing this, she may be the reason why. ^_^

  3. @accany
    about circus games and no voices for some odd reason most of the first noDVD patches that came out (most noticable in DCII) kills the voices so you just have to play the game with the DVD mounted all the time

  4. april 1st isn’t the only day the title menu will change.
    there are more like january 1st, october 20th, december 24th and 25th.
    i found those but I’m there are more

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