AlterEgo is No Go


Today I announce. I have given up on AlterEgo, which is like the 6th? eroge I have ever actually given up on.

It’s long, draggy, and the battles became a huge chore. And imagine going through it 4 times.

It got to me when I spent 3 hours beating a stage, to find that all the characters I used before that stage can’t be used on the current stage. Not only is that perfect bullshit (even if the story flows) I am not spending another 3 hours trying to beat a goddamned boss. And then repeat it for every other character. At least have a difficulty setting so that I won’t screw myself over with the damned battles.

Also the system has huge and major loading problems. They need to at the very least fix the damned thing.

Therefore, I have dropped Alternogo.

And I shall proceed to Trample to schatten to nurse my wounded eroge heart.

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