こなたよりかなたまで Review

I swear that sometimes old eroges are so much better than new ones.

Seriously, where did all these talented people disappear to.





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = F&C・FC01

Scenario = 健速 (Epic scriptmaster, soshite ashita no sekai yori, Haruka Aogi, secret game killer queen)

Artist = しゃあ (Books mostly)

Genre =  Dramatic fantastical school life romance moving eroge

What’s so special = A moving and extremely well written story, You get to relive the good old days where they don’t put too much bullshit in eroges, down to earth (Ignoring the fact they are a little fantastical) characters


Now I really get amazed by how awesome old eroges are and how eroges produced now pales so much in comparison. Still, it doesn’t stop me from playing them but playing these make me feel so much better. Though I must say, epic scriptwriters continue to be epic. At the very least in this scriptwriter’s case.


You start off as Haruka Kanata, a seemingly ordinary guy living in good old modern Japan.

That reminds me of myself really....

He wakes up and starts off his day as usual. Eating breakfast, watching the news, getting ready to go to school. His everday routine.

He goes out of the house and starts his journey to school. There, he meets two of his friends who he meets and goes to school with.


Goes to school, study and live a normal school life. Or at least that’s what most people think he would do. But today, it’s a little different.

He left halfway through class secretly with the help of 馬鹿友達1. The place he was heading to?

The outside is all lights lol

Why is he there?


Ok seriously though, this eroge has an excellent story. It’s not an emotional rollercoaster, but more like a slice of life pacing to the story.

It has fantasy parts too, so yeah… there are some supernatural stuff, but all in all it focuses on the relationship between the characters and Konata’s daily life mostly.

You get to see how the characters changes over time. Which is awesome. Problem is they never change their clothes though.

Unlike most eroges that end usually near the same ending time and gives you an epilogue, this eroge stops at pretty different times along the timeline, totally different places and doesn’t always give you an epilogue. Which is excellent in the sense that it is exactly what should be done.

Wonderful sunset.

Some parts were a little sappy though, and Chris is definately the main focus of the story. The others gets a lot less screen time.

In terms of length, this is actually pretty short, took me around 8 hours to finish give or take my multitasking time.

I repeat, it has an absolutely wonderful story with excellent pacing. I wouldn’t go to fantastic since this is kinda SOL, but still it’s a pleasure to read.


遙 彼方 (Haruka Kanata)

Main character. He is quite the 鈍感 character. He’s beyond the levels of just kindness and treasures Kanae a lot since she was one of the very few friends he has (well one of the two actually). He lives alone, his parents having died due to various reasons. Has a huge problem.


クリステル=V=マリー (Crystal = V = Mary)

She just appeared before Kanata one fine day and claims that she is a vampire. And that she has sucked his blood. She has a very active and happy personality on the outside,  but is actually quite the lonely girl and tries to hide those emotions to be strong. Obviously not made in Japan. Lived a lot longer that what she looks. Her Japanese is old style and formal. always says that Kanata doesn’t know how to treat girls and teases Kanata a lot with her antics.


佐倉 佳苗 (Sakura Kanae)

Kanata’s childhood friend. She’s, if I summed it all to one word, normal. She likes books, kind and caring and is the type where she likes only one guy and only him. Doesn’t know about Kanata’s secret. Has a my pace kinda streak in her, doesn’t get it sometimes when she’s joked at.


九重 二十重 (Kokonoe Hatae)

Mysterious girl that transferred to school one fine day. Silent and emotionless (not in this picture but she is. Believe me.). Doesn’t really like being together with people, but for some reason holds interest in Katana. She and Chris isn’t exactly on great terms with each other.

Izumi and Yuu

朝倉 優 (Asakura Yuu) & 鹿島 いずみ (Kashima Izumi)

These two comes in a set. Unfortunately the loli is obviously underage therefore you can’t get her. Must be terrible being a lolicon. Anyway, they’re a patient and a nurse respectively. Izumi is a very energetic and hilarious nurse who runs around all the time having a smile on her face. Yuu, on the other hand, is one silent and shy girl who just likes going dere dere over Kanata. She calls him onii-chan too btw.  She never gets out of the hospital and nurses like Izumi takes care of her.


Title page

You start off with this well designed title page. You gotta admit, this looks damned good.


Config has all of your needed options and looks wonderful. I swear I didn’t expect this from an old eroge like this.

Text box

The eroge does not have the usual 1/5 screen text box. Instead, through out the entire eroge, this full screen novel format. You can even switch to comlumnar (The standard up to down right to left) Japanese kind of writing format.

Right click

Right clicking would bring this option menu up. Standard option menu with everything you need (again).


Save/Load menu. Simple, sweet and I seriously dig that background image. I sense another 3D project coming along.

Nothing much in the systems really.

CG and Animation


CG seems to have an old feel to them. Unfortunately, the backgrounds aren’t very populated and are somewhat dominated by single colors.

Still, it was acceptable and they made Chris so goddamned cute, so I forgive them /.

Also on the topic of designs, the fact that this eroge doesn’t have any thin as a rod characters really made me smile. At least you don’t get 5 thin girls with huge boobs going after a useless guy ya know.



If I had to say anything, it would be that the BGM was pretty generic. Still it wasn’t bad, just that it’s nothing like overdone or overdramatic. Just plain, eroge styled BGM.

H scenes



Anyways, jokes aside, this eroge has 4 H scenes which means 4 for each respective character (as I said you don’t get the loli). They are short, sweet and actually held some meaning. Then again, in a story like this almost everything holds a meaning. I swear Chris was too damned cute, though in the H scene Katanae didn’t lose to her one bit.

Last word


As I said over and over and I will REPEAT IT AGAIN YA PEOPLE. PLAY THIS FOR THE STORY. It has a wonderfully written story, it’s short, and there’s chris you get wonderful characters. At least it’s better than most of the new releases. =S

8 thoughts on “こなたよりかなたまで Review

  1. I know this doesn’t exactly pertain to this post, but I just noticed on the J->E TLC team credits on G-Senjou no Maou’s translation page (Aegis) that you were no longer part of the project? (I was a bit concerned about how that might impact the translation, so I wanted to ask you for the details (if you’re willing to share them) directly)

    • There’s another project going on and I’ve been moved over to that since I don’t have a huge amount of time.

      The new TLC is doing a good job from what Neko says so it’s probably going to be just fine for G senjou lol.

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