シグナルハート Review

Sigh. Purple software. WHY.





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = パープルソフトウェア

Scenario =  東トナ(Sakurairo ouse),、北川晴 (Memoria, asukimi, mashiro) ,がのす (Mimiwosumaseba)

Artist = zinno (Natsukoi),悠樹真琴 (Primitive link)

Genre = School life romance

What’s so special = Couldn’t find any…. uhhhhh, how typical it is?


I think I’ll stop playing Purple Software stuff for a bit. It’s just irritating that they churn out something of a mediocre level.


You’re Hajime, a typical (really typical) dude who’s… well living a normal school life.

Or it’s supposed to be a normal school life.


One fine day, the house he was living in was burnt to the ground. What’s more, his parents were overseas and told him to… yep, you guessed it. Settle everything himself.

With a heavy heart, he went to school the next day. Hearing his plight, his best friend (more like his only friend) told him that he could stay with him for a while.

But that didn’t last long.


He got called in by the principal the next day and she gave him an offer. To stay in the girls dormitory. Problem is he needs to get all 4 girl’s permission (only 4 girls in that dorm). Can he do it?


I’ll say this first, this eroge almost doesn’t have any replay value. It’s just non existant. It ends in exactly the same way and the plot for each character is exactly the same. Same situations. Very bland.


The obstacles posed came out of a mould. I swear. It’s hilariously typical and you could GUESS what was going to happen before the end. It’s just not there. It’s too typical.

Dere dere~

It has humor I admit. But at the latter half, the humor got pretty old and the fact that 3/4 of the characters were totally dere dere kinda turns me off. I mean surely there could be something else to write about other than a few hours of dere dere time. It becomes a chore more than anything to mown through it.

I can’t really say much about the story except this was seriously disappointing. Really disappointing.

It isn’t bad but it’s just way too boring. It may fit into some people’s taste but I can’t see any value of playing this except for fapping over the characters and moving on with life. Even Memoria was better because of it’s setting.




I can’t remember his full name. Anyway, he’s a really normal and unoriginal protagonist. Normal dude with a cool streak in him and has hidden fans. Special abilities are eating and cleaning.


氷上 渚 (Hikami Nagisa)

She’s what you can call the ultimate tsundere. She’s really tsun to the max and in the end she turns 150% dere.  Apparently Asceai said her route was bad as she turn dere too fast but I’m not a huge fan of tsunderes so… Have a huge thing agaisnt guys. Therefore Hajime is also on her hate list. Love sweet things too. Overly caring for Akira.


I’ve always wondered if tsundere lovers like the tsun side or dere side more


豪徳寺 瑛 (Goutokuji Akira)

Akira-chan, the junior. She’s more of the cute senpai senpai calling character in the game. She also have very obvious feelings for Hajime. Doesn’t like to be called by her family name. Also afraid of guys, except for Hajime. Childhood friends with Nagisa.


She’s definately cute though =D


天海 ここね (Amami Kokone)

Loli character. She’s the classic overly playful loli character. Shockingly, she’s apparent the same age as Hajime. She likes teasing Hajime. Also has the most incredible stomach ever for cakes. The youngest sister of 3, she’s somewhat pampered and a little wilful though she doesn’t just show that side of her to anyone.




高司 智沙 (Takatsukasa Chisa)

She’s the senpai in the game. She’s intelligent, beautiful and really…….. evil. Evil in the sort that you can’t really trust what she says cause she’s definitely plotting something. She also does things just because it may be interesting. Helps out in the student council too though she isn’t the club president for some reason.

That is what I call dessert

They drew her really well , which is why she’s my favourite =X


Title screen

Title page. Nothing special here.


Nothing much here either.

Text box

The text box is just a usual gradient. I think the buttons are chocolates. I think.

Transition screen

Transition screen. Fun to watch for a while =X.

CG and Animation

Rabbit VS Wolf

The best thing about this eroge would probably be the art. It’s vibrant and very much well drawn. It’s also kind of soft in terms of it’s blending so it’s pleasant to the eyes.

Shake shake shake~

The SD Cgs are really funny though. =D



Music is typical eroge soundtrack. Interesting yes but that’s just about it.

H scene


The H scenes appear almost at the same time on the timeline. With the count of 4-3 for every character. 1 normal the other two are more unique ones. Cosplay and the sort.

The acting was pretty good, though I really think Kokone shouldn’t be in that list.

Last word

Harem END

At the end, I’ll just say that unless you’re in to typical school romance eroges (then again if you are you should have played enough to be bored) do not get this. It’s doesn’t have any unique traits at all that would be interesting. Really.

10 thoughts on “シグナルハート Review

  1. “I’ve always wondered if tsundere lovers like the tsun side or dere side more”

    Obviously the dere side. >_>
    Reminds me of horsewhips *cough*

  2. I agree with you this time purple soft truly bored me to death
    It’s sad one of my favorite developers released such mediocore games.
    I want more awesome games like Asukimi

  3. I’ve been noticing that Purple Software’s quality has been declining too. It seems like they’ve been rushing out games and not putting enough effort into them. I also miss all the animated OPs.

    • No, Purple Software just works on a cycle that’s kind of hard to understand. However, the cycle meant that neither Memoria nor Signal Heart could actually be good games, because Purple Software decides in advance whether a game they are working on is going to be good or not. Basically, look out for either their next title or the one after- the way in which they announce the game should make it evident which one it is.

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