幼なじみは大統領 Review

Lolol. Need an eroge like this sometimes.





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = ALcot

Scenario =  宮蔵 (Clover heart, Fairchild) , 空下元 (Fairchild, Engage Links), 時乃 (Fairchild, Engage Links)

Artist = 仁村有志(Clover heart, Fairchild), ひさたけ(No idea), 蒼魚真青 (Triptych, Fairchild)

Genre = Hilarious fantasy scifi romance

What’s so special = Humor throughout the entire game, probably the first game ever to make a joke out of presidents


Ok… I wouldn’t say I expected more out of this but still… It’s hilarious though. Can’t imagine Putin as Irina. Rofl.



On 20XX December, Nippon is destroyed (Note that they don’t write 日本).


Junichiro is woken up by his dere dere osananajimi as usual in the morning. The usual routine, a usual morning. Looking out of the window at the clear blur sky.

White house NUMBAR 2

Or so he thought.

For some reason, the white house is right outside his window!

Stunned, he asks his dere dere osananajimi why it’s there and he gets..


Why? Because I'm the president ☆

Wait what?


Then a loli appears and shoots him unconscious.

Starwars anyone?

When he wakes up, he’s in this sci fi place where the loli explains to him. Their spaceship crashed onto the earth and killed off a good part of the people in Nippon. The only temporary solution is to brainwash and make someone the president for a while before reproducing all the humans back again.

But wait… that means Junichiro hasn’t been brainwashed!

He’s the only one left that knows what Nippon should have been. And he’s being targetted by someone…

Aliens, brainwashing and a president who’s his childhood friend. Just what can happen next.


As you guys probably know, this doesn’t contain much plot. It makes up what it doesn’t have with a lot of jokes though. And I mean a lot.


The jokes are littered everywhere in the story. No wait, littered is a wrong form of representation. It’s CHOCK FULL OF IT. Right from the start till the very end, this whole game is a huge joke.


like this….


and this…


or this..

Pretty sure you get the picture by now, but this kinda stuff IS the entire story.

In addition it’s also one eroge that relies a lot on…. ero.


With Junichiro being a teenager who thinks about ero 24/7, there are also a lot of ero ero elements/jokes in the game. The picture above should be enough to make you understand the kind of situations characters are put in.

Unfortunately, there isn’t as many jabs politically. They are very sparse throughout the eroge and I think even the eroge joke numbers surpassed those of political jokes. How sad for an eroge like this.

All in all, this eroge is flooded with jokes that would make you laugh. Probably. It’s probably what I would call below average in terms of actual story content, but because of the unique theme, it’s kinda saved I guess?


本堂 純一郎 (Hondou Junichiro)

Faceless protag yet again. Ero master who thinks about ero 24/7. Tries to touch oppais and his sexual harrassment level is beyond godlike. But when it comes to actual ero, he’s pretty much not experienced and blushes =/. Also has great physical tolerance. The only one that remembers Nippon before it became this pile of rubbish. Currently at the post of vice president of Nippon.


桜濱 雪乃 (Ouhama Yukino)

Current President of Nippon. Also Junichiro’s childhood friend. She’s quite a my pace girl who’s totally very much dere dere towards Junichiro. Because of the brainwashing, she has a lot of fans among the community. She bites her tongue when speaking on stage sometimes and makes simple mistakes. Deep inside, she’s a total otaku who chases after animes and manga.


She’ll try anything to get Jun’s attention. Anything.


イリーナ・ウラジーミロヴナ・プチナ (Irina Vladimirovna Putina)

Name’s probably wrong. Anyway, she’s the president of Russia. Yes, Putin female version >_>; She also knows the world before like Jun does. Fell in love with Jun after he saved her back in Russia (He flew to Russia in a freak accident…). But after realizing that Jun’s an ero ero guy, she vows to change him to a MAN. Whenever someone does something wrong, she’ll take out a harisen and hit them. Yukino calls her Pu-chin, which she doesn’t like much. She can beat any guy without breaking into a sweat.


Did I mention that she’s a tsundere?


航宙船ヱゼキエル (Spaceship Azekiel) (Eru)

Yes, she’s a spaceship. And yes her pantsu are visible. She’s the spaceship that crash landed on earth and killed off some important people. She’s more of a serious character but very pure as she’s… well a ship. So she doesn’t know the intricacy of human thoughts, ero jokes just bounce off her sometimes. Also very good battle wise which is why she’s assigned the mission to protect Jun and Yukino. Her master is the loli.


She loves Yakisoba too. Cute eh?


三芳 蘭 (Miyoshi Ran)

Can be considered to be Jun and Yukino’s senpai. She’s also the Chief of Staff. If Jun is the ero king, then she can be considered the ero queen. She sexually harasses Jun a lot, pressing her breasts against him, talking about ero stuff etc. Also Jun’s childhood friend. Somewhat mysterious as she never really reveals what she’s thinking.


She’s working in a Chinese restaurant too. Delicious, in a lot of ways.


Here we go again.


Still can’t get over how funny this is. Not to mention this is a total ripoff of 20th century fox.

Title screen

The title screen changes over time. Except from that nothing much.


Config screen. Nothing too special here.

Text box

Now the text box is an interesting one. First Let me say that there are menu buttons that will appear if you put your cursor over at the bottom right. Back to the box, it moves around to the person who’s speaking, as the screenshot shows. It jumps around a lot of if the positions of the characters change or switch. It’s interesting, but it may be a cause of headache for people who read fast since the box just keeps jumping.

Scenario Select

There is also the scenario select that pops up if you finish a route (I think) which you can use to jump around scenarios if you need to.

Yeah... right


CG and Animation

Sunsets =3

Not bad at all. But nothing wondrous. Good shading, vibrant colors and the proportions weren’t too bad. They were aiming for more of an anime style I suppose.

Puppy eyes ftw

What I like most though, is definately the SD cgs. There are quite a bit of them and they’re nothing short of hilarious.



Mmm. Not too bad. But they didn’t focus much on the music. It’s the typical eroge kind.

H scenes


Surprisingly, there aren’t exactly a lot of H scenes in this game. There’s 3 for 2 characters and 2 for another two characters. They’re all pretty well done. The fact that the protag’s sex ability changes in different routes confuse me though. In Irina’s he’s the god who has sex for more than 5 hours but in Ran’s, he’s a lot less aggressive and a lot less tough.

Wasn’t too much of extreme play, though every character had one that contained cosplay.

Last word


So should you play this?

Well if you’re looking for something funny, look no further. This will entertain you quite a lot. But if you’re looking for something exciting or something with an actual story, look elsewhere. Of course, if you’re a huge fan of the presidents, getting this game would serve another purpose…

13 thoughts on “幼なじみは大統領 Review

  1. I just finished Irina’s route yesterday and even though plot wise the game in average the characters and all that humor make it for it!

    Irina ❤

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