失われた未来を求めて Review

Ahhh an eroge after all this time. Long time since I did this. Let’s get started.


Official site



Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = Trumple

Scenario = オオタリョウ (No idea)、サイトウケンジ (Some recent ones like shukufuku no campenella)、沢柾機 (Random stuff I never played before)

Artist = 深崎暮人(Suiheisen obviously \o/)、黒谷忍 (A mystery)

Genre = Slice of life romance in school with a slight touch of sci fi

What’s so special = The art, step-by-step unfolding of the emotional story, the art, Nagisa’s existance, did I mention the art?


Now then. It’s been quite a while. The main draw point of this eroge is probably as I would repeatedly say, the art. It’s just fantastic.

This time round though, unlike suiheisen, it isn’t a story that hangs on hope or determination. Well maybe a little determination. But this time it’s more of an emotional roller coaster, and it’s also confusing but at an acceptable amount.

If you’re reading this just to know whether you should play it or not, stop reading and just play it. PLAY EET!


Akiyama Sou, an average protag all around. He’s in a club that takes care off random stuff like eradicating people who mess up the school to catching ghosts. What’s worse, it’s the Astronomy club >_>;. Together with him are a few trustworthy friends where they joke around finish the task on hand.

So one night, he stays in the school late at night because he got beaten up by the karate club and is healing his wounds. Suddenly, the building shakes.  Shocked, he runs up the stairs to where the shaking seems to start and then he finds…

Yes she’s naked.

What’s worse is that she wakes up and then she… cries out his name and start sprouting stuff about why he left her.

No actually, what’s worse is that his childhood friend went up at the same time and saw him holding her. There, his life ended….

Not. He went back and explained everything to her. She accepted his explanation, with quite a lot of doubt but that’s something else.

The next day though, she asks if she could join the club he’s in. What’s more, she seems to know about the incidents happening around the school. She’s hiding something. Something big.

And there we go with the summary.

If you wanna know more just play the damned trial/prologue XD

So let’s get the ball rolling with the actual review of the story.

At first, this eroge would seem like any old eroge. Something really bound to slice of life genres, school life, a childhood friend. Same old same old. Fall in love, stumble on an obstacle yaadayadayada, the end.

Well not the case for this eroge. It’s a huge spoiler so I’m not going to say it, but after the first route you’re going to be confused, shocked even at what happens. That, is what makes this eroge different.

Oh and it’s best you finish the entire eroge completely. This eroge has a final route. Then again, the routes unlocks in order of one another so you can’t go to another girls route without first doing the route above her.

The next best thing is the sense of humor. Throughout the eroge, you’ll find that this writer has quite a sense of humor lol. It does sometimes reach slapstick levels which makes this not seem like slice of life, but when it’s a serious situation at least they don’t crack lame jokes.

The sci fi element for this eroge can’t really be considered sci-fi…. Hmmm, let’s put it this way.

It’s not star wars. It’s quite a lot less sci-fi from something like chobits too. It’s more like an addon. Not the main point of the story. IMO that is.

The romance focus on this eroge too is huge. Actually I think it’s just made up of that and the club activities. There wasn’t any actual classroom scenes about anything happening in the classroom come to think of it.

Anyway, you will get a huge dose of love as most of your would be interested in. Dates included. Unfortunately though, there are bad ends in this eroge so… be prepared?

You’ll also find this eroge being quite evil in the sense of playing with your emotions. Up and downs are pretty common here.

All in all, I would say this eroge has a very wonderful story which is quite an important aspect for this eroge I would say. It’s what drives this. Also the sense of satisfaction and relief when you finish this eroge, priceless. The focus on Yui is meh though, GIVE ME MOAR NAGISA!


秋山 奏 (Akiyama Sou)

Sou is kinda a… tsukkomi protag. But he’s a good natured guy overall and at the very least understands what he’s doing most of the time. As usual he’s a kind dude which makes every girl around him fall head over heels in love with him. Meh.

Unexpectedly, quite an interesting character

佐々木 佳織 (Sasaki Kaori)

Childhood friend character. The usual, kind and understanding. Diligent in doing anything. Sou is currently staying in her home due to his parents never being in. Very obviously has feelings for Sou. Obviously.


支倉 愛理 (Hasekura Airi)

Intelligent and hardworking character. Who happens to have a mighty kick. She’s also the leader of the astronomy club. Pretty much skilled in almost everything and is usually the only one who understands what Nagisa is talking about. Tomboyish character sorta.


華宮 凪沙 (Hanamiya Nagisa)

The oldest in the club and undoubtedly the most dangerous person in the entire school. She’s from a very powerful family and she herself is not one to be trifled with. A genius, but a lonely one. Loves to bully Sou just for the fun of it. Also full of mysteries. Also she had too little screen time dammit. TOO LITTLE I TELL YA!

She has a great flair for cooking

古川 ゆい (Furukawa Yui)

The mysterious transfer student who Sou found naked. A gentle person who does things at her own pace. Rather clumsy too. Lots of things are unknown about her. Mystery character. A LOT of focus on her.



Well obviously, OBVIOUSLY, this is the most goddamned powerful thing in this eroge.  The freaking art is gorgeous.

Not to mention in this eroge, the characters mouths move and blink. These two are a killer combination.

Also realised this artist has a taste for different tones from reality. Like lots of purple and blue are in the picture. It makes the image seem surreal which is a good thing, since it is art after all. Wonderful stuff.

The SD CGs are also something you can really laugh at. Which is a good thing.


You know it’s kinda sad to say this, but I loved the soundtrack. I love it, but I really don’t like the OP song. I don’t know why exactly but I think this song doesn’t really fit the eroge.

But that’s just me. Everything else though, is great. A good mix of awesome and average tracks but nothing that destroys your ears.

H scenes

There’s a total of 17 H scenes in this eroge, which is quite an amount for an eroge of this theme IMO. Expect quality.

But I get bored with H scenes very easily nowadays. I actually skipped through most of them >_>;

Still the few I read were good.


All in all great eroge. Not the best but still quite a lot above average and I can safely say it doesn’t bore you to death.

Even if the art doesn’t impress you, the story isn’t subpar either. Great stuff overall, I expect more good things to come out of Trumple.

Now if they’ll only make Suiheisen no.2…

21 thoughts on “失われた未来を求めて Review

  1. >> 深崎暮人(Suiheisen obviously \o/)、黒谷忍 (A mystery)
    wat.. The two of them are BFF… or something along those lines. And I demand the reviews for all the other eroge you’ve played while absent XD

    • Well it obviously can’t be met since there’s like what, 19 reviews to be written. Go check out the eroge list. If there’s one you’re absolutely dying to have a review on tell me and I’ll consider it.

      I mean come on 19 reviews is crazy XD

    • Yeah, Misaki and Kuroya have been collaborating for years. Kuroya drew Yui, Nagisa, Yamaga and Azuma while Misaki drew everyone else.

  2. Glad that you came back. I intend to play it myself at some point, since I liked suiheisen very much.

    I really enjoyed playing エヴォリミット, 素晴らしき日々, 君の名残は静かに揺れて, and るいは智を呼ぶFD. Soranica Ele and Para-Sol is not bad either. Look forward to reading your reviews of them.

    Oh, and I am surprised that you doesn’t play 黄昏のシンセミア and Steins;Gate. This is really good stuff.

    • There are separate bad ends.

      Yeah and I agree need more nagisa, and nagisa route is too typical ojou-sama route. It’s shame eventhough nagisa are my favorite chara

      And OP is little too cheerful, for this game genre. But OP itself is good for me.

      I hope trumple next game will be good too like this, and i hope trumple don’t bankrupt like abhar

  3. I’m playing it now too and I definitely agree on Sempai being truly awesome. Shame the routes are enforced because I don’t care much of Kaori (deredere osananajimi who goes all jealous #6234626326) and eccentric selfish club president. I like the other two many many times more.

  4. I came back on the off chance and there’s a review! YAY!

    Guess I’ll have to get this one if the comedy’s good like you said.

  5. I actually just wanted to ask, as I started the game but mainly wanted to play Nagisa’s route… found out I had to play through other routes first, and then decided to find a save file to start with her route first.

    Well… would you recommend I stop and play through all the routes leading up to Nagisa’s route, or can I play it out of order? Is it going to be like… I don’t know, sumaga if you’ve ever played that (great game imo XD), where it makes more sense to play things through in order?

    Thanks in advance XD

    • well considering Accany is quite inactive for now I would suggest that you first play through the default arc which is Kaori’s route you wont simply understand the events of the game if you don’t do so as Kaori’s arc simply becomes your reference point for the game events after that you can get a save file and pick a route from there.
      PS late reply is late

  6. “Go check out the eroge list. If there’s one you’re absolutely dying to have a review on tell me and I’ll consider it.”

    Since you’ve (kinda) offered suggestions from reviews, could you review 媚肉の香り~ネトリネトラレヤリヤラレ~ for me, it would be nice to see a review for a netorare at some point.

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