翠の海 Review

Now let’s see if I can still write reviews shall we…

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Some Rubbish Information

Company = Cabbit

Scenario = 御厨みくり (No idea who he is but hey he’s good)

Genre = Tragic slice of life romance

What’s so special = The surprisingly well written story, the well placed elements of surprise and the overall tragic theme


I wasn’t going to write a review on this actually but seeing as how inactive I am and that I do have some time on my hands since it is a one week off after all, I decided to just write something. Anyway This is quite an unexpectedly decent eroge. The theme already intrigued me but the overall surprises and climaxes in this story was really pulled off quite well. Let’s get on with the review shall we.


You start off as Kai, a guy who lost all his memories and is lying in the middle of a forest with no idea where to go and what to do. Walking around he finds a beautiful lake. But all he could do was laugh as he had no idea where he was.


she appeared. She invited him to join them and live together with them.

She brings him to this mansion where he’ll live, together with 11 other people. In a forest where no one knows.

There we go. I didn’t feel like putting any spoilers at all since this eroge really rely on the surprise factor to pull off most of it’s climaxes.

So first off the review on the story…

Well it’s not a pure romance story that’s for certain. The protag can and will die in the story. Not just once too. So be prepared to get killed over and over as you play this eroge. Which is fine by me considering all the factors that lead to his death.

That said however, once you manage to enter into one of the heroine’s routes, you’ll be greeted by their entire past and also bits and pieces of your past. That’s actually what’s so intriguing actually, the past life of these girls. Not to mention the protag. The gradual unfolding is what I liked best about this eroge.

They did try to pull in the factor of laughter but I find the jokes rather weak in this case and I didn’t really laugh much. Still it’s better than a straight tragic story right?

The tragic sense of this eroge makes you sympathize with the characters, thus making it a factor for you to actually want to see what would happen to them afterwards. A good idea seeing as how I would rather read about a character I give a damned about right?

Overall I think the story part in this eroge is excellent and quite a refreshing change from all the other typical eroges. It’s definitely recommended that you play this eroge for the story, even if it’s just for the story.


櫂 (Kai)

Protagonist. Rather moody but always willing to help. Doesn’t remember his past. Good in sports and the violin. Also he’s not that much of a ヘタレ protag. So that’s quite a good thing. He’s actually understanding. Wow.

みちる (Michiru)

She’s so called the leader in the group. At least everyone listens to her as she lived in the mansion the longest. Soft spoken and ladylike, she has the trust of almost everyone and dictates most of the rules in the place. Quite scary when angry though. She probably the most mysterious of the lot since it’s quite obvious that she has a lot of secrets.

Her evil face

知紗 (Chisha)

Well this one’s a little… too playful. But the kids love her. Helps out a lot too. A bright and cheerful character. But sometimes, she says something unexpected. Personally my favourite character as her story is quite unexpected and has many different sides to it.

She can be a good mother at least =D

空音 (Sorane) and 陸乃 (Rikuno)

Didn’t see the point in separating these two as they are one and the same. Everything they do is exactly the same. Talking included. Quite a scary combi once you think about it. Twins who are exactly the same… Anyway, they are kinda cute and can be sarcastic at times. Oh and they love reading the future from tarot cards


灰奈 (Haina)

Quite the introvert. Also clumsy. Still she will always try her best to help others. Loves to clean which kind of explains why she wears the maid uniform… not. Anyway, she thinks of herself quite lowly. Oh and she’s really bad at studying too.

Well she makes a good maid on all accounts

紡 (Tsumugi)

LOLI. Nuff said. Ok maybe not. Unexpectedly (or not) she’s actually the same age as the protag. Behaves like a kid, loves to sleep and hates studying. She loves to sew, which is actually the only thing she’s good at actually. Sticks to Michiru a lot and always gets into quarrels with Chisha. Always says the wrong things.

Service shot

沙羅 (Sara)

Mysterious person who seldom leaves her room. She doesn’t leave her room much at all and doesn’t talk to anyone. Her food is always sent to her door. No one really knows much about her. One of my favourites.

Nice dagger though

真希奈 (Makina)

A girl who arrived after the protag. No idea who she is and is quite afraid of everything that’s happening to and around her. Quite a straightforward character and because she’s unstable mentally, a lot of quarrels ensued because of it. Nobody likes her much. Unfortunately.

This is actually the only non spoiler picture i could find lol


So finally we’re done with the characters. A tad much don’t you think?

Let’s get on with the art.

To be honest I’m not impressed by the art. It’s rather typical. The colors were nice though, it’s gives a very contrasty and animeish feel. But other than that I didn’t think it was that great. Then again playing too much stuff from Nitro and Abhar eroges.

Overall decent. Nothing better nothing worse.


They went towards a very classical feel. Since it is a mansion and all. I got no idea what instrument they used but it’s mostly calm and serene music. Of course, they do have a few outstanding pieces. For example my favourite is BGM12 which sounds absolutely tragic and wonderful. Quite a nice soundtrack but then again, I love classical so best make your own judgement.

H scenes

There’s quite a lot of scenes actually, a grand total of 21. Then again, this eroge has a LOT of characters with the addition that it’s frickin long so that’s not really that much per se. Quality wise… well it’s decent I guess. I didn’t really find much interest as the story was more interesting than the H scene. I wouldn’t recommend to get this game for the H scenes though.


Actually, I find that the story element really outshines almost everything in this eroge. It’s excellent. The other elements not so much. But I would highly recommend you to get this eroge if you have the patience (for it is quite long) to play it. It’s definitely gonna be worth it.

10 thoughts on “翠の海 Review

  1. Moogy’s favourite artist, the ruitomo artist worked on this.

    I’ve still got this sitting on the shelf along with a million other titles I haven’t gotten around to 😦

    I totally like the way you framed this review. It’s very teasy without being verbose although I would’ve liked to hear more about what you thought of the game

    • Well I liked it a lot actually but then again not a lot of people just play it for the story. I would have liked them to expand on some characters more but then again the story is already ridiculously long so anymore would be asking for too much so… It’s kinda a stalemate

  2. Welcome back!

    I could be mistaken but I do think her name is pronounced as Tsumugi, and she always has the best facial impressions in the CGs :).

    Really enjoyed Midori no Umi as well. Besides the interesting story, the atmosphere was something both serene and spooky especially with the accompanying music track. And all the characters were charming!

    Sara’s Hscene: The most humorous, but so easily misunderstood.

  3. Eh, I didn’t think it was that long. Maybe like 20ish hours and I read pretty slow. Story moves at a pretty fast clip too so it felt shorter than it actually was too IMO.

    I liked the beginning and middle parts of the game the most; the atmosphere at the start when you don’t really know what’s going on is pretty nice and the routes for the twins and Sara were both quite nice I think.

    After around the middle, though, I got pretty bored with the game. Everything relevant to the setting is revealed in the twins’ route and the plot/themes themselves don’t really go anywhere afterward either. I was not at all satisfied with either Chisha’s or Michiru’s route as an ending, though I suppose the bit with Kai’s parents was nice to see finally in Michiru’s.

    So yeah, I liked the first 60% or so but it went downhill for me after that because the routes just become too similar and there’s no real grand conclusion. Kind of left me with an empty feeling in the end.

    If I had to nitpick, the text also gets rather sloppy at points which annoys me. Nothing gamebreaking, so to speak, but there are a few pretty weird phrasings and conversations here and there that could have used a once-over for consistency and flow. I think the writer has potential, though, not bad for a first attempt.

    The music is excellent.

    And I’m afraid I must disagree with you regarding the art – the reason I played this is in the first place is that Saeki Hokuto, pretty much my favorite eroge artist, is one of the two artists who worked on this. (He did Michiru, Haina, Sara, and Makina.) His art may not be very flashy but he has an excellent sense of composition and makes his CGs feel alive, which is something I think a lot of eroge artists really fail at. I’ll admit that Midori no Umi is not his best work, though – maybe because it was his first foray into the field of widescreen. His work on RuiTomo and Comyu is just sheer excellence, though – if you’re someone who really pays attention to the composition and sense of action in CGs like I do, pretty much every single CG in those games is topnotch. Well, not that his work in Midori no Umi is bad, you still have a characteristic sense of 躍動 from most of the CGs he worked on, the composition is just a bit off here. He seems to have gotten the hang of widescreen in ‘&’, at least.

    Well, digression aside, yeah. Not a bad game by any means but I didn’t like it nearly as much as Accany here did.

    • I agree on the repetitive part. The twins route did reveal everything, about Kai. But the only question that remained in me was who the F was Michiru, so that kept me going for quite long really.

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