Bullet Butlers Review

RAWR. Right on time for the new releases. SAKURA SAKURA GOT RELEASED. WOW. /me eyes drop.

Enough with the sarcasm. Let’s get on with the pew pew.

Bullet Butlers




Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = propeller

Scenario = 東出祐一郎 (Ayakashibito, Chrno Belt)

Artist = 中央東口 (Angelos armas, Saya no Uta, Ayakashibito, chrno belt)

Genre =  Action packed fantasy fighting politics butler life

What’s so special = Fantasy plot, a talking gun, superb chartacters, quite a bit of action, お嬢様!!!


Soo………Another action eroge (I SWEAR I WILL REVIEW SAKURA SAKURA NEXT DON’T KILL MEEEEE). Somehow this feels just like ayakashibito, which isn’t exactly a good thing to me since I rather have new ideas instead of edited ones. There are quite a few differences though. Of course Selma and Yuki being so cute does have its attractions =D


So here we have propeller again. Seems like they’re going to focus on the action theme. Not sure if kitto sumi blah blah blah would be the same, but heck. HIYO IS GOOD ENOUGH. ひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよひよ


The man breathes heavily. He’s on the brink of death. In front of him are two boys. He apologises profusely to the boys in front of him.

“Sorry, it’s all my fault. Sorry. Live, in the place of your mother and I. Both of you are not wrong. Take these guns and live!”


Two guns floated to the boys. The white and pure, to the emotionless boy while the dark and evil to the crying boy.

The black gun spoke. “The pact is already sealed. Take me. My power will silence both the living and the dead.” The white gun, “My power will be feared by all the living and the dead.” “Now take us, for that is your fate”

“My name is Bale Hawter” “My name is Luda Grefind” “As with the aincient pact, my body is yours. You take us in your hand—–and you will defeat all your enemies!”

The boys fired at the bodies. In 5 minutes, 72 bodies were destroyed.

I thought it would be more interesting if I wrote about this as the prologue instead of him being a butler.

Now, the main point I will try to make here is that this eroge is pretty different from Ayakashibito.


Think about it this way, if Ayakashibito is about the life of a not so normal teenager who’s trying to fight and try to get his place to live, Bullet Butlers is about a guy who risks his life for the sake of his master. So they are different. Though there is one huge common factor, the fights scenes sound very similar. The way of writing is almost identical.

The story is pretty well written. However, there’s one major turnoff. They explain things too much. So much that it gets kind of boring. In an actiony eroge like this, you shouldn’t just stop and give a 2 minute explanation about what is what. I mean seriously, I almost fell asleep during those. I don’t effing care about the map of the damned place nor why it was named that. It had nothing to do with the story in any case.

This is why all women are scary.

As usual from propeller though, there was a lot of humor. Not to mention the characters clicked well together with their hilarious personalities so it isn’t boring on that note. I laughed more than once. Or twice. Or countless times.

Deep down though, this isn’t a funny eroge so you’ll be caught in the dark theme that it goes by. Death, destruction and stuff like that are also in this. Rape is too, but considerably less than Ayakashibito. A lot less. Thank god.


Theres a lot of bullshit in the fights IMO though. I mean some of them are so ridiculously overpowered that it’s just…. lame. I mean with that, how the f*** can anyone win. Seriously. The characters linger around trying to kill each other, instead of actually just killing each other. God.

And I effing wish there was a route for Cowra. I mean seriously. Damned. MAKE A ROUTE FOR HER YOU LAZY PEOPLE. DAMNED. She’s so cute -_-;


This is one of those rare eroges that I actually liked most of the heroines.


リック・アロースミス (Rick Arrowsmith)

How should I say this. Looks can be decieving. Rick dedicates his life to seving his master. He’s very hardworking. He does have a soft side, but still he isn’t the kind that doesn’t kill. He kills. A lot. He does have quite considerable skill in protecting his master at least. He’s a half elf and Bale is his main weapon. Since Bale can be used in both close and ranged combat, he’s pretty powerful.


I gotta say though, I like him a lot. Together with Bale. Both of them are hilarious.


セルマ・フォルテンマイヤー (Selma Fortenmayer)

Dragon girl. Well not exactly, she can’t transform into a full dragon, but she still can transform some parts of her body. Considered a failure in the dragon community since she can’t transform fully. But because she has the red eyes, she has the chance of becoming the Mystic One, one of the 8/9 (i forgot) selected people that has a mark on them and gets the memories of their race’s hero that killed the No Life King 2000 years ago.


She’s Rick’s master and the daughter of Land Fortenmayer, the current Mystic One. She has elements of a tsundere in her, but not much. Everything about her is quite like a normal girl, just that she was brought up as a high class lady, so she does act like a lady. But her jealousy is……… huge. And I mean HUGE. She’s just…too cute (^^;)


ヴァレリア・フォースター (Valeria Foster)

A young elf mage who’s being trained by one of the strongest magicians. She knew Rick from a long time ago and is good friends with him. Needless to say she harbours feelings for him (no need to spoiler this since it’s in your face kinda thing). Gets bullied by Selma quite a lot. She is a daughter from a family that used to be rich, but currently isn’t.

She is just, to me, a little loli elf girl running around that has magic abilities. Well then again I never did like characters like this much. When she’s in her nightgown though, she’s cute. Really.


渡良瀬 雪 (Watarase Yuki)

Valeria’s butler. Close ranged combat with a huge sword. A “Nameless”, which if I sum it up is one of the best butlers you can ever get. The reason why she chose a family like the Fosters is unknown. She totally loves Valeria and goes all デレデレ over her. Though when in her route she’s extremely cute.



Now for teh system.

Title page

After Valeria's route

The Title page switches when you finish a route. However, it returns back when you restart the eroge for some reason.


Config is simple and has all the usual settings. Nothing too special here.

Load screen

The save/load screen is typical. Nothing much to see here. There is an auto save though after each chapter you’ve gone through so if you forgot to save, that’s your next best bet.

A gun calling for help. Rofl

Now, I didn’t actually like this text box very much. Partly because of the solid box on the right which squeezed all the buttons together and it stands out too much.

After you right click

What I like though, is right clicking and you bring up these options. Personally I wished they crammed all the options over there, but heck I’m not the designer.


I also liked the jump function which lets you skip everything until the next choice, or if you just want to skip till where you read before. What’s impressive is that it takes less than 5 seconds to do it.


I wished they didn’t make the back of the backlog so……… transparent. I find it hard to read when it’s over white bgs.

CG and Animation

Notice how the background is blurred.

The art for this eroge is pretty damned good. Not only does it have a shitload of variations, there are a LOT of SDs too. Not to mention that there are some cropped cgs that are used in fights. Very nice stuff.


It also had quite a bit of animation in the fightscenes. Not animation as in the characters were animated, but the gun flares, swords clashing into each other, blood stains were all very well done. Pretty well timed too.

ED video

I had no idea where to put this, but the ed video is extremely well done. Awesome stuff.



Music is yet again very actiony type. What I don’t get is why they’re all named after fantasy races. Oh well.

Yet again, the ending song is English. And I’ll admit it again, I didn’t get what it was singing. Sounded foreign to me. Though it is pretty good and totally fits the theme. You can feel sadness in the songs.

H scenes


There isn’t a lot of heroine sex scenes in this eroge actually. I think there is only at most 2 events for a heroine.

BUT, there are a lot of sub character h scenes. Which means either rick doing some sub character or someone else doing a sub character. Like I said, there ARE rape scenes in the eroge (not many though) and I only found one of them actually being redundant. So that’s a good thing. That and no heroines got raped. So yes your partner stays clean >.>;

H scenes were awesome, nothing too fancy like SM play but enough to make you drool. Not to mention that Rick’s actually quite……………..hardcore. Which does make things interesting.

Last Word

A pretty decent eroge with really cute characters IMO. Though I know my definition of cute is probably not yours, but heck.

I wouldn’t say this is better than Ayakashibito though. It’s more draggy and a little less fast paced. And the battles kinda….. get repetitive. Still, it’s worth your time. Like I said before, if you seriously can’t take any kind of rape at all (points to Osaka-tan) you should avoid this.



Higher and higher~


The artist went wild with the bloom

Lolicons, please don't dirty your monitor

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