終わりなき夏永遠なる音律 Review






Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = ファイアージュ

Scenario = 味塩ロケッツwith企画屋 (Fosett)

Artist = 日向恭介

Genre =  Dramatic Musical school romance life

What’s so special = Lotsa classical music, losta over done drama, some people catching the mio fever, Very nice art


This was one hella a draggy eroge. And I was pretty busy so ~.~ Still I managed to finish it somehow. Don’t get why phiage need muvluv references seriously.



You start off running through the woods, running away from cruel reality as Takumi.


He reaches the old building that is used by the club he’s in.  Then he hears something. Something amazing. A violin played with immense skill. He looks through the window and sees someone he knows, someone that shouldn’t be playing the violin…

Ok, I’m just lazy to write anymore than this since I didn’t like this eroge very much.

It got way wayyyyyy to draggy halfway through. The story development was very typical with the usual,

Prologue>Obstacle>Solved Obstacle>Obstacle>Solved Obstacle> Rinse and repeat till you’re happy> Character route> Rinse and repeat until you’re happy> H scene> Conclusion

You could practically GUESS the story, which just shows really boring writing. It wasn’t bad writing, it was just boring.

Of course though, they did tackle one of my favourite genres, classical music, therefore I forgave them and continued on with the story with a lot of beer and a heavy heart.

After I finished, I conclude that……………………. IT WAS TOO DAMNED LONG. It would have worked tons better if it was either shorter or made more interesting events. After the 5th time I reached the eviction stage, I was already going fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff think of something NEW.

That and they didn’t made an actual Ritsuko route. RAGGGGGGGGGEEEE

Two of my favourite characters..... TOGETHER!

The story was funny enough though. You get loads of ridiculous stuff and overdone character types thrown to you so you’re fine there. Unfortunately, Kanon wasn’t exactly a Yandere, so all of you who played this with the hope that she was one, you’re going to be DISAPPOINTED.

Some of the endings too were seriously anticlimax. Instead of getting moved or or feeling really happy when reaching the ending, I went to the toilet with auto mode on. Lol.

And they focused on Mio too much. It was obvious from the cg counts and the amount of effort put into the eroge. Since I’m no lolicon nor am I an extreme fan of little sisters, I didn’t find it very funny to see all the attention showered over just one lolita.


I suggest you go over to the phiage character page and have fun touching them. It’s really funny what they say after you touch them too much lawl.


冬馬 巧 (Touma Takumi)

The protagonist. He lives together with his father, but since his father almost never leaves his garage, you could say that Takumi practically lives alone. Mio and Kanon goes over and sleeps with him all the time. One has to wonder how he restrains himself, though there is no doubt that he may not notice affection even if a girl unstripped right in front of him. He’s always thrown about by Ritsuko and strives to be a pro violinist one day.

奥さん~ 聞いた聞いた?

小鳥遊 澪 (Takanashi Mio)

She takes care of Takumi a lot even though he could do things by himself. Could be considered his little sister. Has a lot of complicated family issues, but still manages to be cute and dere dere towards Takumi all the time. Also a violinist, but not as good as Takumi.


Though I have to admit, Mio is pretty cute in a few cases. Hard to imagine girls being like that though.


雨宮 歌音 (Amamiya Kanon)

Didn’t like her, never will. She looks like a very stable (Dunno if that’s the word you should use) girl that does her things right. Also one of Takumi’s osananajimis. Truth is though, that she’s a natural airhead and kinda slow at times. I would say she’s pretty damned close to being a yandere. Just that she’ll probably drop her knife halfway through before killing someone. If you’re wondering why I used this shot, she doesn’t have any other non spoiler shots -__-;


折原 藍 (Arihara Ai)

One of my favourite characters in the eroge. She’s the tsundere in the eroge. She’s really cute and her dere mode is excellent. Wonderful character. She’s talented in sports and even has good grades. Practically a perfect girl. Helps out her dad after school. She’s a transfer student btw. She has a pretty big secret =3.


越野 可憐 (Nishino Karen)

Another one of Takumi’s osananajimis. Karen is generally a pretty normal girl when compared to the rest of the heroines, but she’s also a little more violent than most of them. She’s a bit more on the bright personality side IMOWell at least her brother would have nothing to say agaisnt that. She plays the Cello, though she isn’t very good at it.


リーゼロッテ・シュレーベル (Lieselotte.Shurebel)

No idea about her name btw. Anyway, she’s the gaijin character in the story, obvious from her hair.  She’s the bright and crazy character, and her mad face is absolutely hilarious. Her japanese isn’t very good at first, so it was pretty funny watching them communicate with each other. She has a reason for coming over to Japan though. Plays the Cello very well. Karen calls her 師匠.


大上 律子 (Oogami Ritsuko)


Anyway, she’s the bright, crazy and wild senpai to the other 3. She’s just made of win. Not to mention she sexually harasses everyone she knows. I wish people as fun as this actually existed in real life >_>


One of the best things about this eroge would be the rUGP system they use. It’s a very interesting and new feel to it that I wish could be implemented in more eroges.

Start screen

This is the starting menu of the eroge. In it’s glorious 16:9 resolution that you can enjoy fully.


Config menu doesn’t exactly have a lot of settings to choose from, but none of them are really needed since it’s all pretty standard and I doubt anyone could really find a gripe with the way it is at first.


Text box doesn’t exist in this eroge if you noticed. Instead you get the text right over the picture. Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard at all reading the text and it actually feels much better doing it this way since you can see the entire character without an actual interface. Btw, you can totally see them poking fun at Gsenjou.


Of course, you still need your options. So right clicking brings up this nice menu that allows you to select everything you need.

Save/load screen

So this is the save/load screen. Nothing very special but the interface is pretty damned cute. In case you’re interested, the page drawings are different all the way till the 20th page. So yes, you get some really cute ones too =3


Choices have a pretty fun design, and you can get to the menu by clicking on chibi Mio on the top left. Like I said, they seem to like Mio a damned lot.

You get a day transition screen, but I forgot to take a picture and it wasn’t a very interesting one anyway.

CG and Animation

I CAN SEE. Too bad she's wearing a bra.One of the best parts of this eroge, is definately the art. You get very very nice art throughout the entire eroge. But then, you’ll realise one thing. 70% of the cgs are all H Cgs. Yes, that means you get no CGs for quite long times since this eroge is pretty long and the CG count for it’s length is pretty hilarious.

Though that may be because they spent a lot of time on the animation of the character movements since they were well animated and the whole thing felt like a movie more than an eroge. Abeit it was a damned long and draggy one. You get amazing stuff like lip syncs. Though they don’t blink, which I was a little surprised since it would probably be easier to do than lip syncing.


SDs were hilarious though. There wasn’t a lot of them, but they were cute. Ritsuko is just so awesome.


Unfortunately, this eroge doesn’t have a music  mode.

Still, it has an amazingly wonderful classical themed soundtrack. Excellent music that you can see they have put quite some effort in making. Definitely a must get in my collection.

H scenes

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss

This eroge has quite a few H scenes. They are all pretty well done. I had a problem with one of the choices for the H scene though. It’s general knowledge that you don’t write something that happens in a dream, especially when you get a choice for 5 girls and it all happens in a dream. It’s probably the most retarded thing you could do. Except from that though, it was still pretty nice.

Last Word


This eroge had an awesome system, great art and likable characters. The only thing lacking, is story content and depth. It could have been so much better. Still, if you don’t know what to play this month, I would say this isn’t a bad choice.

折原 藍

7 thoughts on “終わりなき夏永遠なる音律 Review

  1. うえええん!!

    Oh Mio. Also, the え、 あ and つ should be small but I have no idea how to do that.

  2. yes probably if i compare this to ef id still take ef hands down in regards to the system and yes the about the script was also one of the gripes i have about the game <_< it was better off without a route lock than having one seriously mmmm a meido tsundere XD

  3. >> Boring, draggy story
    This comes from a guy who loves WLO.. yet this one still much shorter than WLO.

    >>Story content and depth
    This might be true, if you don’t connect it to Muv-Luv Alternative. I think making the highlight as music is a little wrong move, since the shadow of the war should be the true main highlight, and music only relevant until the school closing ceremony and Mio-Ai route. Likewise, linking it to Muv-Luv Alternative adds more depth to the story. Failure to do so would just make it seemed like a strange moe-ge.. Yes, it’s a dangerous move made by the scriptwriters.

    • W.L.O was plain hilarious. I didn’t even get bored once. It’s not the length that matters, but rather how they pace it and whether or not you get bored. This is obviously geared towards a moe-ge type but it isn’t exciting nor interesting enough. Not to mention W.L.O didn’t have the exact same events happening all the time.

      Even if you connect it to Muv-Luv Alternative, you have to understand that it was at the eviction stage where you get an actual hint. I already got bored before that. That just fails. Anyway, even linking it doesn’t really give it much depth. All you realise is that…. Hey it’s in that robot fighting world! and that’s it. I think even putting a WWII theme to it may have been more interesting.

      • yeah and for some reason its only when someone took up the topic that this actually happens during Muv-Luv was the only time i understood on the events <_< prior to the story and during the story

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