群青の空を越えて Review

Ok, that was interesting. Didn’t expect this TBH. light really does a good job =X





Some Rubbish Infomation

Company = light

Scenario = 早狩武志 (Pretty random stuff, random eroges)

Artist = 黒鷲 (No idea)

Genre = Wartime slice of life romance

What’s so special = Realistic, Solid plot, H scenes with actual story, Epic endings


Hmmm, I always liked light after they did Tapestry, but I didn’t expect Gunjyou to be this good. Hmmm. Guess I’ll have to keep a close eye on them. On the contrary to what I thought, Gunjyou didn’t focus much on boring fights.


You start off as Yashiro, one of the two first rank students in a flight combat school maintained by the army. Japan is split into 2 (or was it 4) and the situation is tense, with small battles being held here and there.

His father was the one who caused the entire splitting up and tense situation, with the proposal of some yen economic plan.


Life isn’t exactly as easy as normal school life over there, with it’s hardcore training. Still, he still manages to talk with friends and just act like a somewhat normal guy of his age should act.

But things never go right. Rumors have that a war is starting. That means he’ll have to go out to the frontlines as a pilot killing people. Can he save what his father has caused or can he even survive till the end of the war?


The routes for this game are, 3 main heroine routes, 2 sub heroines routes and one Grand ending route.

Awesome drawing

The story though, is surprisingly realistic. It posed problems that seems to be actually plausible and it’s obvious that the characters change a LOT over time due to the ordeal and come out a lot more mature.

It’s not all good endings though, you don’t get much of the “and they live happily ever after” crap. It doesn’t happen in this story. Especially the sub chara routes which ended in pretty much a cliffhanger.

The portrait is =3

What I like most is the fact that they showed the story from different perspectives of different characters at the right time. There were quite a number of those and it really made the entire story feel much more interesting and deep. The difference in ideology, beliefs and ordeals. It’s all smooth and great to read.

Interestingly, despite the whole warfare theme, there wasn’t a lot of scenes where they were fighting. There’s more of a living in the age of warfare as a pilot than actual fights.

All in all, this is definately an eroge with a great story hidden in it. It’s definitely worth your time, I can guarantee that.



萩野社 (Hagino Yashiro)

Protag. His personality is a little different from other protags. He’s a  guy who is freakishly intelligent but somewhat a little too confident. Also one of the two only first class students in the school. His personality changes throughout the story and especially in the grand ending so it wouldn’t be sensible to write everything down here. He’s also very pure at heart though, one thing that doesn’t really change. Oh, and he’s a bit of a negative person.


水木 若菜 (Mizuki Wakana)

She’s also a student in the same class as Yashiro but she’s a flight control (Whatever you call those flight tower operators) student. She doesn’t exactly think too well of Yashiro because of a few reasons, but later in the story their relationship sorta changed. She’s the older sister of Toshiharu, the other first class student who’s Yashiro’s partner. Probably the closest character to a tsundere even if she’s not exactly one. Oh and she love plays (Theater ok, not the SM kind).


She’s cute though, no doubt about that


日下部 加奈子 (Kusakabe Kanako)

Kanako isn’t exactly a student of the same school but rather more of a preparation school (That means she’s a lot younger >_>;) for the main school. Still, she helps out in the hanger frequently so she’s loved by everyone. Her brother, who she loved dearly, died in the war as a pilot. Which is why she’s joining the school. To get closer to what her brother was. She doesn’t really like Miki, who was living together with her brother last time. She plays the role of a bright character, always smiling and stuff but is actually pretty weak inside.


She’s the imouto character so… (妹ブラザーズ、出番だよ!)


渋沢 美樹 (Shibusawa Miki)

She’s the in charge of Yashiro and Toshiharu, training them and teaching them. She’s also one of the people who flew as a pilot and came back alive, as a hero. She has excellent skills, but because of an attack, she sustained some injuries and therefore her eyes aren’t what they used to be. She was also the girlfriend of the now dead Kanako’s brother. Calm and collected most of the time.

This is just.......... beyond words.

She’s gorgeous =3

I won’t go through the subs since one of them is a sudden pop up character so I wouldn’t wanna spoil the fun =X


Title page

So here’s the title page. Nothing too different. The ANOTHER STORY option is what light always does, there are short stories inside that section but they’re unvoiced. And well, they’re short. Anyway, the title page changes after you finish the grand route.


Config. Has technically everything you would need to change. Unless you wanted to change the design which then you’re screwed.


There’s actually a lot less choices that I thought there would be, so you won’t exactly be coming here a lot. Also does auto saves on choices. Thumbnail + date + comment system.

Text box

Taking a look at the text box you’ll find it’s a very comfortable design. With a smooth gradient as color. The end button at the right though, sends you to the title page. There’s also the small portrait of the character who’s perspective you’re in now, though there isn’t any for sub characters. Color of the text box changes when you’re looking from different character POVs.


The story is split into chapters and you’ll get chapter pages like this after you reach the other chapters. There’ll be a kinda short passage which ranges from absolute plain bullshit to deep writing. Oh and chapter length for different routes are different.

CG and animation

Sky's awesome

I like the art, which is pretty surprising since it doesn’t always happen. Only very slight differences in proportions, I could even say the artist was actually trying to improve it by changing the proportions. Skies were especially wonderful. But the one thing I like is the emotion. The art really brings the emotions through.


There were also some short 3D cutscenes of planes flying and stuff like that. It’s not of production quality (Planes takeoff looks mechanical, sea looks like a plane and stuff like that) but it’s fun to see 3D in eroges seriously. Especially when you do 3D too >;_>;



Music was surprisingly decent. Though it sounded pretty much like normal eroge music. But it fits, which is the main point.

Which reminds me. Goddamned the ending song. I can’t help but think everytime I hear Japanese singing English lyrics that they shouldn’t even try that. It’s way to hard to try and decipher what they’re saying.  It’s more like Enganese or Japlish or something >_>;.

H scenes


I lost count halfway through the H scenes but I think there were around 3 for the main heroines and 2 for the subs. I think. Anyway, the acting was fine, nothing too extreme (well no SM play thank god) and the H CGs were wonderfully done.

What I like most though, is the fact that they brought a huge part of the character into the H scene. It wasn’t some shitty ah ahah I’m coming! End H scene!. They failed, got angry and one was even stopped halfway. The partners reassured each other and stuff like that. Which is excellent. For once, H scenes are worth a read.

Last word


This eroge is definately worth your time. Heck I don’t even know what took me so long before I played this. The story is enough to make anyone read this. Little wonder why it’s rated so highly among everyone. Now if only they made a Miki after story >_>;

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