Amaterasu Poll results


Ruitomo won, but Ixrec, because of gg, decided that “We are convinced that the results of the poll do not accurately represent the will of the VN community, therefore we will decide between the top candidates ourselves after I’ve played them.”

Obvious this was coming. Well done gg. Not intelligent enough.

16 thoughts on “Amaterasu Poll results


    You knew this was coming, gg–passive endorsement of titles by fellow VN translators is fine, but active solicitation of votes (holding fansubbing of several anime titles as hostage in return for said votes) is definitely against the spirit of the vote.

    Though it probably won’t affect their decision in any way, I’m rooting for eden*!!!

    • Hey, a fellow eden supporter. I actually don’t mind if RuiTomo will be the final decision after all, it looks quite hilarious. But I guess I’d rather play that with a translator myself, since the popularity would be so-so. (Doubt that this would stay first if gg didn’t troll)

  2. Well, gg are doing some sleight-of-hand tactics, but they’re technically not doing anything wrong. In a twisted way, it helped bring more publicity to the fan-translated visual novel scene. It’s understandable why they’re miffed, but I’d say Amaterasu Translations are in the wrong because they’re not following the popular vote and shoving their elitism “visual novel cred” around.

    If they care so much about what titles they deem as “the will of the visual novel community” they shouldn’t have done an anonymous poll in the first place and interacted with the fans instead. It takes more time, but at least they know if they’re actual fans and not a bunch of guys who know nothing about visual novels.

    Frankly, I think it’s much easier to choose a title they like and not do a “popularity” poll. It’s much easier and doesn’t involve dramatic crap like this.

  3. Ixrec trolled big time..
    This is certainly why I’d rather the eroge community stays as a niche community, so there would be less politics and trolls. Our peaceful erogesphere is greatly devastated due to rapid increase in careless rabid fans.
    The polls are also a bad idea. Look at what the troll votes has done to Osadai popularity polls. Until now, Alcot has yet to announce the poll result cause it’s clearly way out of their range of expectation. lawl

  4. @Kresnik

    Alternatively, it could be because it’s so small and niche that the vn community is affected so heavily by politics and trolls. Of course, gg is a troll group, so I’m more surprised they cared enough to throw the vote than that they actually did it.

    This sort of thing doesn’t happen with anime because they are more than enough groups present to translate everything. But VNs have way more text and are less popular. People started going crazy over the poll because they felt if their choice wasn’t translated now they would never have a chance to read it.

    I agree that the poll was a TERRIBLE idea in practice. It’s like asking a group of blind people to pick the prettiest picture in a museum from secondhand descriptions.

  5. I thought things like this should be expected with a public poll… even taken out of all the proxy votes, the winner still seems legitimate. Undoing the poll doesn’t make the face of VN translation circle any better and to me it sounds like the trolls won.

  6. Aw man, and I even did a legit vote on Ruitomo hoping it would win because I enjoyed what I heard it contained with its particular strength of character interactions. It also has difficult Japanese making it harder to follow.

    So there’s no way to tell the which high influx set of votes were bogus? Was excited at the poll result for like … one line (one word to be exact, particularly “but”) upon reading this.

    Still, I’ll hope it’s Ruitomo [especially if (total votes) minus (bogus votes) still equal to it winning legitimately]. All the choices in the poll have its merits, but this game in particular caught my attention and I’ve seen quite positive remarks on it. It’s also relatively more recent.

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